Reduced nutrient emissions in Phalaenopsis with Osmocote controlled release fertilizers

6 October 2017
  • Whastsapp

Research conducted by Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands has shown the beneficial effects of controlled release fertilizers (CRF) in pot plants. The CRF used in this research was Osmocote. Main findings:

  • The EC in the drain water of the treatments with CRF was 30% to 60% lower than in the treatment without CRF (current growers’ practice). 
  • The total amount of N in the drain water was 40 to 75% lower than in the treatment without CRF (current growers’ practice).

A full report of the research findings will be made available soon. Read the statement released by Wageningen University & Research here.

Since the first development of Osmocote controlled release fertilizers in 1967, our goal has been to provide plants with all essential nutrients while minimizing leaching and loss of fertilizer. Today, this goal is more relevant than ever. We are proud to have contributed to this research project.

Osmocote in Phalaenopsis. Photo credit: Wageningen University & Research