Time to inject vitality back into crops

6 July 2021
  • Whastsapp

With the recent warmer weather following hard on the heels of the coldest May on record, ICL’s Andrew Wilson advises growers to consider applying a quality water soluble fertilizer to inject vitality back into struggling crops.

“The low light levels and cool, wet conditions have left many plants looking dull,” he says. “Following the sudden temperature rise, frequent irrigating is now promoting excessive new soft growth.”

To get these plants back on track, Andrew recommends using a Peters Finisher product to promote compact condensed growth.  To help growers, ICL has launched a timely new website icl-peters.com.  

“With carefully balanced N:K ratios, Peters Finishers contain the full trace element package and employs  M-77 chelating technology - assuring fast and efficient adsorption,” he explains.   

“Peters Professional Plant Finisher has extra iron optimizing leaf colour, while the Peters Excel range delivers complete nutrition using a single-concentrate stock tank - taking into account irrigation water quality. While Peters Excel CalMag Finisher is specifically designed for soft water, the Hard Water Finisher is acidifying - helping neutralize bicarbonate.”

“Travelling around the UK, our technical advisors are seeing many young plants potted on earlier this year, that have sat around in stressful cool, windy and wet conditions,” says Andrew. “These plants will benefit from a ‘reset’ to get them going.  Our Peters Professional Plant Starter has high phosphate levels and a balanced N:K ratio to stimulate good root and flower bud formation. 

“Uncompromising in quality, the Peters range sets the standard for purity, solubility and effectiveness in ornamental plant nutrition. Offering superior nutrient uptake, these premium products deliver robust growth – plants that look good and demand a premium price at retail.”