Turf Rewards helps to maximise staff training

11 September 2015
  • Whastsapp

Gavin Kinsella MG, Course Manager at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club has praised the Turf Rewards operated by Everris and Syngenta after it enabled him to triple the number of staff taking part in the Continue to Learn education programme at BTME 2015.

Mid-Surrey Golf Club was founded in October 1892 and acquired Royal status in 1926. For a club of Royal Mid-Surrey’s prestige it is important to uphold the club’s excellent reputation and it is for this very reason that Gavin insists on his team of greenkeepers being fully educated to ensure best practice. Turf Rewards enables him to do just this.

Turf Rewards is for golf, sport and amenity turf managers that provides the chance to earn points from purchases and convert them into a range of valuable agronomic or educational items. Not only does it benefi t the turf manager but it is also of advantage to the team, the turf, and the organisation they work for. It is also a fantastic way to maximise your budget with every purchase.

Through Turf Rewards there is an extensive range of items on offer such as agronomic tools, spreaders, iPads, clothing and work wear, and educational vouchers - which is what Gavin acquired through his purchases.

Gavin combined the £500 Turf Rewards voucher with a Continue to Learn booking bundle, making it even more valuable, and it enabled nine of his greenkeeping team to attend the education programme at BTME 2015.

He said: “Turf Rewards has extended my training budget, benefitted my team and given added value to the products that I would be purchasing anyway. It makes financial sense for the club, boosts team morale and provides the greenkeeping team with a valuable commodity – training.”

Gavin believes that BIGGA’s partnership with Turf Rewards is a fantastic opportunity for the whole industry and it is certainly something that he will continue to make the most of in the future.

“By recognising the value of the Turf Rewards it has enabled the club to triple the number of staff taking part in the Continue to Learn education programme at BTME 2015. I will make it a priority to use our Turf Rewards for Continue to Learn in future, increasing Royal Mid-Surrey’s presence at the event, enhancing the reputation of our greenkeeping team and golf club, whilst supporting both BIGGA and BTME.”

Please visit www.turfrewards.com for more information.