Water availability in root bound crops and other watering conundrums

14 May 2020
  • Whastsapp

Water availability in root bound crops and other watering conundrums   

As we look to hopefully turn the corner on these unprecedented times, Technical Area Sales Manager Steve Chapman provides some practical experiences of how our unique wetting and water conservation agent, H2Gro, can help optimise product quality while saving time and money.  

There is no need to try and reinvent the wheel when faced with getting water into rootbound plants; using a quality wetting agent can save you time and money, as well as help conserve water.

H2Gro is a unique blend of surfactants formulated into an advanced wetting agent designed specifically for growing media.  While maximising water holding capacity, it also improves wetting up, spreadability and rewetting.

When working as grower, H2Gro was always a product I reached for when confronted with a multitude of different scenarios.  It could be to provide a solution for those edges of beds, or sides of tunnels, that always dried out faster. Alternatively, for crops that were growing quicker than those surrounding them.  In both situations you could be left spending ages trying to rewet growing media, with precious water you could ill afford to waste.  

Root bound crops

In these challenging times, many nurseries and garden centres are still looking at plants that should now be long gone.  The problems associated with root bound plants are increasing by the day.  As roots take over the interior space of the container, there is little room left in the pot to hold water; this means growing media dries out faster and takes longer to absorb water.

Liquid or granular formulation  

I have always been a huge advocate of using H2Gro whenever using a water soluble fertilizer programme - I believe the two go hand in hand. Even at its lowest recommended rate of 5ml per 1000L of water, it helps ensure feed penetrates the growing media and gets exactly where you want it, ie in the pot - where the roots can take it up - and certainly not running away down the nearest drain.

Also available in granular form, H2Gro can be incorporated or top dressed onto growing media, slowly releasing it performs over several months.

Hanging basket mixes

A quality wetting agent also makes a great addition to hanging basket mixes, where low growing media volumes dry out quickly - especially once plants are in full growth.

Baskets are often watered with single drippers; if the growing media dries out, the water is likely to run straight through - failing to spread out sideways.  Adding H2Gro granules helps ensure the water spreads out evenly in the basket, helping to prevent dried out (hydrophobic) areas.

Top tip! Improving shelf life

If despatching plants that could sit for long periods without being irrigated - over a weekend or on a lorry in hot weather – it’s a good idea to add H2Gro to the water pre-despatch. This will help ensure every bit of the growing media is fully wetted up before it leaves your nursery, ultimately improving the shelf life of your product.


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