What role can biostimulants play on your nursery?

27 May 2021
  • Whastsapp

What role can biostimulants play on your nursery? 

In the second of our podcasts with Horticulture Week, the spotlight turns to Biostimulants with Martin Donnelly (sales development manager), Andrew Wilson (technical manager for UK & Ireland) and Sam Rivers (technical area sales manager for Essex and Home Counties) talking to editor, Matthew Appleby.

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As Martin explains, Biostimulants are substances or micro organisms that when applied to plants, or the root zone (rhizosphere) stimulate natural defence mechanisms or natural processes. These can be usefully harnessed to benefit nutrient efficiency or boost tolerance to environmental (abiotic) stresses such as drought or waterlogging in ornamental crops.  

While debunking common myths, Martin, Andrew and Sam provide a balanced, technical view of what proven biostimulant products can achieve for growers; how best to go about using them in a programmed approach; and the role they are set to play in the future of UK horticulture.  

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