Pear trees grow best when the soil pH is between 6.0 and 6.5. If the soil tests below this range, add lime to raise the pH up to the said values. Nitrogen and other nutrients, with the exception of zinc, can be broadcast over the ground and watered in, or applied in a band in the irrigation furrows prior to irrigation. Spread the fertilizer evenly and do not dump it in a pile at the base of the tree; controlled release fertilizers are a safe method to fertilize.

Agroblen 15-8-16+5MgO | 5-6M


Agroblen 15-8-16+5MgO is a 79% coated NPK controlled release fertilizer. Extra magnesium is included to enhance photosynthesis and plant energy. The combination of both coating technologies ensures enough nutrients to feed the crop for 5-6 months. This continuous supply of nutrients creates a marvelous uniform growth.

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Agroblen 15-9-9+3MgO | 12-14M


Agroblen Total 15-9-9+3MgO is a coated, NPK controlled release fertilizer. It has enough nutrients to feed the tree or plant for 12 – 14 months. This continuous supply of nutrients creates a fantastic uniform crop growth.


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Agrolution Special Agrolution Special 125


Agrolution Special 125 delivers all necessary nutrients to the plant while improving nutrient availability. This product prevents deposits and blockages in the irrigation system because of its purity, solubility and acidifying effect.

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Solinure GT 9 Solinure GT 9


Solinure GT 9 is great to use in greenhouses and tunnel systems. It is ideal to use for crop starter stages and increasing root development. It covers the plant’s nutritional requirements.

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