Carrot is a heavy potassium and calcium feeder. It requires 3-fold and 2-fold of these nutrients, respectively, as compared to the nitrogen rate. Potassium promotes solid, sweet carrots. Excessive nitrogen causes branching and hairy, fibrous roots. Carrot's optimal root growth takes place at 15-18 ºC, while optimal shoot growth is at higher temperatures. Carrots need low temperatures to induce flowering. Carrots enjoy light-, stone-free-, well-drained-, fertile- soils, with plenty of well-rotted organic matter. Rich sandy peaty soils are perfect in providing the best conditions for the carrot roots to penetrate deeply and to bulk-up. Soil's pH value should be 6.5-7.5..

Agroleaf Power Calcium

Agroleaf Power Calcium prevents and corrects situations of calcium deficiencies. Instances like these are: excess evaporation and calcium sensitive crops such as lettuce, cabbage and fruits.

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