Cauliflower is a relatively cool-season crop, with optimum growth temperature around 17 °C, but it also tolerates rather low temperatures. It also tolerates wide range of pH values (5.5–7.5) and rather brackish soils. Special attention must be paid to sufficient application of Boron. The most common effect of B deficiency is hollowing of the stem due to cracking of the pith.
Best cauliflower mineral nutrition regime includes the use of CRFs, fertigation with fully-soluble fertilizers and foliar feeding.

Agroleaf Power Calcium

Agroleaf Power Calcium prevents and corrects situations of calcium deficiencies. Instances like these are: excess evaporation and calcium sensitive crops such as lettuce, cabbage and fruits.

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Agroleaf Power Magnesium

Agroleaf Power Magnesium contains NPK, MgO and SO3. It cures and prevents magnesium deficiencies found in soils like: acidic, light and sand. It also increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll creation. It is great to use for crop recovery, stress relief and cell stretching.

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