Endive requires high levels of potassium; it needs potassium at 2.5-fold higher than nitrogen! Optimal soil pH is 6.5 to 6.8, and liming may be needed if the pH is lower. Pre-plant application: approx. 65, 85-170, 115-230 kg/ha of N, P2O5, K2O, respectively. Side-dress application: for soils with over 3% organic matter, apply approx. 35 kg/ha of N. For soils with less than 3% organic matter, apply 50–65 kg/ha of N. Apply a total of 100–130 kg/ha of N.

Agroleaf Power Calcium

Agroleaf Power Calcium prevents and corrects situations of calcium deficiencies. Instances like these are: excess evaporation and calcium sensitive crops such as lettuce, cabbage and fruits.

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Agroleaf Power Magnesium

Agroleaf Power Magnesium contains NPK, MgO and SO3. It cures and prevents magnesium deficiencies found in soils like: acidic, light and sand. It also increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll creation. It is great to use for crop recovery, stress relief and cell stretching.

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