Onions require potassium at rates equal to nitrogen, but calcium is required at considerably higher rates. High nutrient availability is important during bulb-formation; in this phase a high K:N ratio is required. Pungency of flavor is enhanced by fertilizers containing S but diminished by N in ammonium form. system is shallow and fibrous, therefore, fertilizers should be applied 10–15 cm below the seed row. Optimum soil pH >6.0. Best onion mineral nutrition regime includes the use of CRFs and foliar feeding. In certain areas fertigation with fully-soluble fertilizers is also practiced.

Agroleaf Power Calcium

Agroleaf Power Calcium prevents and corrects situations of calcium deficiencies. Instances like these are: excess evaporation and calcium sensitive crops such as lettuce, cabbage and fruits.

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Agroleaf Power Magnesium

Agroleaf Power Magnesium contains NPK, MgO and SO3. It cures and prevents magnesium deficiencies found in soils like: acidic, light and sand. It also increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll creation. It is great to use for crop recovery, stress relief and cell stretching.

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