Fibagro Advance

Professional Woodfibre Substrate

  • Features and Benefits
  • What growers need to know?
  • Why Fibagro Advance
Features and Benefits
  • Low to medium bulk density - providing a good structure within growing media blends and reducing ‘slumping’ often associated with woodfibre products
  • Reduced nutrient leaching
  • Thoroughly trialled by ICL experts at different inclusion rates
  • High Air Filled Porosity for good rooting and drainage
  • Improved Water Holding Capacity
  • Full ICL nutrition (Osmocote) and wetting agent (H2Gro) packages available to increase plant quality
  • Manufactured by ICL from FSC sourced wood materials
  • Thermo-mechanically processed for consistency and quality
What growers need to know?

Woodfibre is seen as a sustainable inert option to peat based growing media, however there are issues around its use:

  • Slumping Due to its structure, particularly at high levels 
  • Water retention At levels over 25 to 30% there are difficulties with water absorption and retention
  • Nitrogen draw down Produced predominantly from white woods, the material continues to break down within the growing media potentially using available N in the process
  • Buffering capacity With a low surface area woodfibre is not as efficient at holding on to available nutrients
Why Fibagro Advance

With its unique production process, ICL’s Fibagro Advance significantly reduces the impact of these issues. Combined with our technically advanced fertilizers and wetting agents we can almost eliminate such issues and produce high quality plants throughout the growing season.

Using ICL’s unique thermo-mechanical process, Fibagro Advance is designed and manufactured to create a consistent and high-quality product. The process creates ‘split end’ fibres creating a unique matrix, which when blended with other raw materials, such as peat, coir and bark, results in increased water and nutrient holding capacity within peat reduced or peat free growing media.

Fibagro Advance has been trialled with ICL’s top of the range nutrition and water management products (Osmocote controlled release fertilizers, Osmoform slow release fertilizers and H2Gro wetting agent), so that our Technical Area Sales team can create the best custom mix growing media for your plants; whether that be a peat reduced Levington Advance Solutions or peat free Levington Advance Sustain mix.

ICL is delighted to bring to market Fibagro Advance, a woodfibre substrate manufactured in the UK exclusively for the professional horticultural market.