Product Information

• Remains in the media to allow water to re-wet the soil particles. • Stable in Growing Media in storage. • Excellent initial wetting. • Excellent long term wetting. • Excellent through wetting/drying cycles. • Flexible, compatible and easy to use. • Economical low use rate. • Excellent shelf life. • Pack size 10kg bag.

Pack size

10 kg

H2Gro Granules H2Gro Granules

H2Gro Granules

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  • 3 in 1 mode of action - wetting and spreading agent, penetrating agent and re-wetting agent.
  • Granular product gives long lasting effect.
  • Effective, efficient and reliable.
  • Guards against plant stress.
  • Plants stay in healthier condition after they are sold.
  • Safe to beneficial microbes.
  • Less dried out (hydrophobic) areas.
  • Improves the uptake of nutrients and many other products.
  • Offers the plant 100% of the horticultural media to grow in.
Production area Rate Longevity requirements/
Growing Media Conditions
Containers, long term
production cycles
1kg/m3 Maximum longevity (9-12 months)
Severely water repellent
Pots, hanging baskets, trays,
modules, plugs and short term
production cycles
500g/m3 Medium longevity (3-6 months)
Moderately water repellent
Rates - Topdress
Production area Rate Water volume
Containers, pots,
hanging baskets
40g/m3 Water until container is
thoroughly wetted
Product Info



H2Gro is a unique blend of surfactants based on 3D technology with a multi-matrix effect. It is a unique wetting agent based on a water conservation agent that holds the maximum amount of water to the previously water repellent materials and to other materials in the growing media.

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