Product Information

• Remains in the media to allow water to re-wet the soil particles. • Stable in Growing Media in storage. • Excellent initial wetting. • Excellent long term wetting. • Excellent through wetting/drying cycles. • Flexible, compatible and easy to use. • Economical low use rate. • Excellent shelf life.

Pack size

5 litres

H2Gro Liquid

H2Gro Liquid

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  • Rates - Mixed
  • Rates - Other
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  • Usage
  • 3 in 1 mode of action - wetting and spreading agent, penetrating agent and re-wetting agent.
  • Effective, efficient and reliable.
  • Guards against plant stress.
  • Plants stay in healthier condition after they are sold.
  • Safe to beneficial microbes.
  • Less dried out (hydrophobic) areas.
  • Improves the uptake of nutrients and many other products.
  • Offers the plant 100% of the horticultural media to grow in.
Rates - Mixed


Production Area

Application Rate/cubic meter (100ltr) for incorporation in to growing media prior to potting

Drench Application rate after potting Longevity requirements for growing media conditions 

Containers, field soil.

long term productions cycles 

150ml 100 - 150ml/100 litres of water

Maximum longevity (6-12 months) 

Severely water repellent 

Pots, hanging baskets.

Medium term production cycles

100-125ml 600 -100ml/100 litres of water

Medium Longevity (2-6 months. 

Moderately water repellent

Flats, pots, trays, plugs. 

Short term proddutions cycles 

50-75ml 40-50ml/100 litres of water 

Short-term activity (2-6 weeks)

Moderately water repellent 

Rates - Other
Application  Rate  How to use 
With irrigation  0.5ml/100 litres of water In combination with daily feed
Prior to shipment  50-100ml/100 litres of water Drench containers, hanging baskets and trays prior to shipment
Interior plantscapes 50-100ml/100 litres water Drench containers, hanging baskets and planters
Misting cuttings 15ml/100 litres of water Spray freshly stuck cuttings with a very fine mist to the point of run off
Application                                                                            Reason
With irrigation Maintain optimum levels of wetting agent particularly in longer term crops, to maximise irrigation efficiency, conserving water and optimising uptake. 
Prior to shipment  Maximise the effecti of final watering, ensure growing media is fully wetted up to increaser shelf life. 
Interior plantscpaes Distribute waters evenly throughout pots reducing chances of overwatering and increases water conservation. 
Misting cuttings  Ensures fine mist particles that remain on the leaf surface reducing the number of misting cycles required. 

H2Gro is a unique blend of surfactants based on 3D technology with a multi-matrix effect. It is a unique wetting agent based on a water conservation agent that holds the maximum amount of water to the previously water repellent materials and to other materials in the growing media.

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