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Particular market sectors that will benefit from Intercept 5GR use are; container-grown nursery stock (including hardy perennials); pot plants e.g. cyclamen, fuchsia, geranium, pot chrysanthemums and poinsettia; bedding plants (especially pot bedding); hanging basket and also for containerised stock plants.

Intercept 5GR Intercept 5GR
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Features and Benefits
  • Provides long-term protection from Vine Weevil and Sciarid Fly larvae, Aphids (including A. Gossypii) and Whitefly (including Bemisia) on protected containerised crops
  • Controls insects resistant to organophosphorus, carbamate, pyrethrum and pyrethroid insecticides
  • Pre-potting compost incorporation provides protection throughout the production cycle, and beyond.
  • Crop- and user-friendly, cost efficient and labour saving
  • Firmly held in compost and does not leach out.
  •  Available pre-mixed in - ask your growing media supplier for more details
  • Pack size 5kg and 25kg


PCS No. 01389

Pests Protected and Application Rates
Pests Plants Treatment - Application Rate Duration
Vine Weevil Ornamental 280g per m³ compost Up to 1 year
Sciarid Fly Ornamental 280g per m³ compost Up to 1 year
Glasshouse Whitefly Ornamental 280g per m³ compost Up to 100 days
Aphids Ornamental 280g per m³ compost Up to 100 days

Intercept 5GR is a contact and systemic insecticide for the control of major soil and foliar pests in protected container-grown ornamental crops

Imidacloprid, the active ingredient of Intercept 5GR is a chloronicotinyl insecticide which disrupts the nervous system of insects but not mammals. It acts by both contact and systemic action when incorporated into a growing medium.