pH range

5.3 - 6.0

Particle size†

60% 0-10mm

Fibagro Advance




Nutrients Added

144N 73P 239

Levington Advance Medium Coarse Potting Levington Advance Medium Coarse Potting

Levington Advance Medium Coarse Potting

  • Features and Benefits
  • Terms and Conditions
Features and Benefits
  • For 9-14cm pots, tubs and baskets.
  • Open structure gor great quality drainage.
  • For both indoor and outdoor crops.
Terms and Conditions

Product specification is subject to change dependent on raw material availability and moisture content in order to maintain consistency, quality and high level of performance. Due to its inherent consistency and potential contamination problems we do not allow green waste on our site. †Bulky raw materials include peat and percentage of professional grade Coir as standard other professional grade raw materials are available and may be substituted to maintain quality, performance and availability. Please speak to your local ICL Technical Area Sales Manager for further information regarding this.

Growing media conductivity is measured using a method of analysis of 1:5 dilution rate.

Levington Medium Coarse Potting is a blend of particle sizes which produce a open structure gor great quality drainage for both indoor and outdoor crops.