Levington Advance Sustain

Born from years of research, development and knowledge from years within ornamental industry, ICL’s Levington Advance Sustain provides growers with the ultimate in sustainable growing media. Carefully produced for the professional growing industry ICL have a range of products which can be used as standard or as part of the Levington Advance Solutions programme.



Particle Blend

100% Coir



Nutrient Added

96N 49P 159K

Levington Advance Sustain - SF1 - Seed & Modular Seed & Modular - SF1

Seed & Modular - SF1

  • Advantages
  • Suitable for all seed sowing.
  • Ensures even the most sensitive seedlings can grow exceptionally.
  • Growth of the seedlings can be controlled with water soluble fertilizers.
  • Includes H2Gro wetting agent for great water management and improved rooting.
  • Micromax essential trace element package included as standard.
  • Modules, trays and small pots up to 7cm.

Levington Advance Sustain seed and modular growing media has a low base level of fertilizer to meet the individual requirements of crops and there growing regimes.