Osmocote 5 5-6 M

5-6 M

  • Features & Benefits
  • Directions for Use
  • Recommended Rates
Features & Benefits
  • More efficient and effective uptake of applied plant nutrition, matching the NPK release pattern and the plant’s needs with more precision than ever before
  • Best possible plant colour, health and growth with the improved trace element delivery system
  • Optimising the availability of trace elements in the growing media and their uptake by plants (OTEA System)
  • Highest nutrient release efficiency
  • Highest safety for plants
  • Highest consistency: every bag of the product is identical
  • Coloured granules for longevity recognition
Directions for Use
  1. The product is designed to be mixed evenly throughout the growing media
  2. Osmocote 5 can also be used for dibbling*
  3. Due to the efficiency of trace element release, supplementary trace element products such as Micromax Premium can be used at lower rates up to 0.2g/litre*
  4. Osmocote 5 can be used at full rates or alternatively at lower rates with supplementary feeding with Peters or Universol water-soluble fertilizers*

*Please consult your ICL Technical Area Sales Manager for detailed recommendations.

Recommended Rates

Average Nutritional Need

High Nutritional Need Minimum Recommended Base Rate*

Container nursery stock and perennial crops (grown under protection)

2-2.5 g/l 3-4 g/l 2 g/l

Container nursery stock and perennial crops (outdoor production)

3-3.5 g/l 4-5 g/l 2-3 g/l

Pot plants

3-4 g/l 4-5.5 g/l 2-3 g/l

Bedding/balcony plants

3-4 g/l 4-5.5 g/l 2-3 g/l

*in case additional water-soluble fertilizers are applied


Important: Maximum recommended starter fertilizer dosage in the growing medium is 0.5 kg/m3. Rates for Osmocote are based on pot volumes. When repotting into larger pots, remember to take account of the dilution effect by increasing the Osmocote rate in fresh growing media. For specific recommendations please consult your ICl Technical Area Sales Manager.

Osmocote 5 uniquely offers nutrient matching release technology and an improved trace element delivery system to match plants nutritional needs.