• Features and Benefits
  • Diseases
  • Directions for use
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Features and Benefits
  • Broad spectrum activity against a wide range of pathogens.
  • Effective control of many foliar and root diseases.
  • Contact and translaminar action reduces fungal attack.
  • Increases success with rooted cuttings by suppressing wide range of subclinical infections.
  • Pack size 1kg.


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Octave provides a broad spectrum of protection against a number of diseases including:

  • Botrytis
  • Glomerella cinulata
  • Monochaetia karstenii
  • Pestalopsis
  • Cylindrocarpon
  • Fusarium
  • Phomopsis lavandulae
  • Cylindrocladium
Directions for use

Best results are obtained by choosing the most suitable method of application, beginning before the effects of disease are seen. Do not apply under hot sunny conditions, during frost or when rain is imminent or falling.

Under conditions of high disease risk and where a choice of rate is shown, use the higher rate.

It may also be necessary to use the shorter spraying intervals. Use the lower rate on young plants or on sensitive species or varieties.

For soil borne disease control apply as a drench.   Use high volume sprays to control aerial diseases.


Ensure sufficient volume is used to thoroughly drain through the growing medium. The quantity should be adjusted according to the compost type, depth and moisture level.


Efficient coverage of the target area is essential. Use a penetrative application and ensure sufficient volume is used to obtain thorough wetting but do not spray beyond run-off. A medium or coarse quality spray (BCPC definition) is recommended.


Pot or container size Diluted Octave per application
8-9cm 50ml
10-11cm 100ml
12-13cm 150ml
14-15cm 200ml
16cm 250ml
22cm 400ml
23cm 500ml
30cm 1000ml
1 litre 150ml
2 litre 250ml
3 litre 350ml

Octave is a broad-spectrum wettable powder containing 46% w/w prochloraz. This active ingredient is an imidazole fungicide that has strong contact activity against many
major diseases of ornamental plants.