• oxide
  • elemental
Nitrogen Total (N) 10%
Nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 1.9%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4) 8.1%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) 26%
Water soluble (P205) 19.5%
Potassium Oxide (K20) 10%
Water soluble (K20) 10.0%
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 3.0%
Nitrogen Total (N) 10%
Nitrate nitrogen (N03-N) 1.9%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N) 8.1%
Phosphorus (P) 11.3%
Water soluble 8.5%
Potassium (K) 8.3%
Water soluble 8.3%
Magnesium (Mg) 1.8%



8-9 Months

Granule size


Agroblen 10-26-10+3MgO | 8-9M

10-26-10+3MgO | 8-9M


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for use
  • Balanced NK with extra P
  • 89% coated CRF (total product)
  • Delivers nutrients for 8 – 9 months
  • Magnesium enhances photosynthesis and plant energy
  • Safe to use in early stages of the crop cycle
  • Minimizes leaching of nutrients through rainfall / irrigation
  • Great starter product

Agroblen 10-26-10+3MgO is a controlled release fertilizer also containing some immediate available nutrients. A superior coating technology makes Agroblen Total a safe and convenient base fertilizer for young trees. This creates the ideal fertilizer release characteristics during the establishment of the plants. N and P are partially coated, K is fully coated. The release period is 8-9 months.

Directions for use

Apply either by planting hole application, row application or broadcasting. When broadcasted work the product into the soil no deeper than 10cm. Application around the roots is recommended; never directly underneath the plant. 

Irrigation greatly improves product performance. If possible apply Agroblen directly under the dripper.

Never apply more than 1 – 2 weeks before planting. Do not use application equipment that can grind particles a/o damage the fertilizer coating.


Agroblen 10-26-10+3MgO is an 89% coated, balanced NK controlled release fertilizer with extra P. Everris' resin-coating technology is used, this ensures that the plant receives enough nutrients for 8 – 9 months.