Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+


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This innovative liquid fertilizer is fortified with three technologies to boost absorption to help avoid Ca deficiencies in fruit and vegetable crops.

Agroleaf Liquid Calcium+ is a blend of calcium combined with amino acids, plant sugars, lignates and an industry leading surfactant.
Calcium is important because it is essential for root development, shelf life of all produce and the building of cell walls within the plant and the produce.

Highly effective natural chelating agents, amino acids are essential building blocks of all living matter and in plants play a key role in photosynthesis. Calcium+ is fortified with four amino acids - glycine, glutamine acid, mono sodium glutamate and L-Arginine – which all enhance Ca uptake. Glycine and glutamic acid are fundamental metabolites in the formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll
synthesis, while L-Arginine increases synthesis of flower and fruit related hormones.

The plant sugar, dextrose monohydrate, is an immediately available plant food source, while the non-ionic surfactant − with excellent spreading and wetting properties − further improves the speed of Ca uptake and coverage on the leaf surface.

An innovative liquid fertilizer fortified with three technologies to boost absorption to help avoid Ca deficiences in fruit and vegetable crops.

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