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CILUS® PLUS, which is a patented product, contains a minimum of 2x(10x10) CFU (Colony Forming Units) per gram of naturally occurring Bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacterial Strain IT45. This specially selected soil-dwelling rhizobacterium aggressively colonises the area around the plant roots (rhizosphere) and feeds on nourishing root exudates which healthy plants readily provide. The feeding rhizobacteria in turn secrete enzymes (phytases) and other metabolites that enable a better uptake of plant nutrients such as phosphorus and metallic ions. The overall result is healthier plants, healthier soil, better growth, higher yields and improved quality.

Cilus Plus

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Features And Benefits

When applied in aqueous solution in such a way that the CILUS® PLUS can reach the root zone of plants the contained
rhizobacteria, which are activated by hydration and the presence of root exudates, will rapidly populate the root area resulting
in a number of very bene cial outcomes being obtained:


  • Probiotic e ect from the bene cial micro-organisms rapidly competing for living space and depriving pathogenic organisms the space and nourishment required for them to establish.
  • Increase in the density and length of root and root hairs increases soil exploration. This allows better absorption of water and soil nutrients, strengthens plant self-defence, improves anchoring and helps root fracture of the soil which is very bene cial to the
  • maintenance or improvement of structure.
  • Phosphorus is made more bioavailable to plants due to the high phosphorus solubilisation activity of the rhizobacteria. This can
  • help to start young plants o well or further help to produce a larger rootmass in older plants.
  • Increase in the bioavailability of trace elements - especially iron - and production of useful phytohormones giving marked improvement in plant growth and health. This decreases stress sensitivity along with increasing the productivity of plants to the benefit of crop growth, yield and quality.
  • Composition: 2x(10x10) CFU/g Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Strain IT45.
  • Formulation: wettable powder.
  • Carrier: maltodextrin.
  • Packaging: 200 g bag.
  • Storage: 24 months maximum at ambient temperature protected from humidity in the original hermetically sealed packaging.
  • Organic Agriculture: usable in organic production subject to certi cation body approval.
  • Application Method: apply using normal agricultural spray and micro irrigation equipment.
  • Crops: propagation, salad crops, soft fruit crops, top fruit  crops, ornamental plants, vine production.
  • Safety: naturally occurring organism which is safe to humans, the environment and bene cial organisms when used as directed.
  • Harvest Interval: none.
  • Harmful Residues: none (Coliforms: <10/g).

The powder should be dissolved in water and drenched onto seedling trays, sprayed onto soil, applied to growing media or applied through drip irrigation.


  • Dose Rates & Frequency:

– Field Crops 200 g/ ha at emergence or transplanting
(1 to 2 applications per crop).
– Propagated Crops 40 g/ 1000m2 or 160 g/ 4,000m2
(1 acre) or 4000 g/ 10,000m2 (1 hectare) at emergence
(1 application per crop).
– Fertigated Crops apply a minimum of 200 g/ ha from
the time of new root growth (1 to 2 applications per


  • Application timing:

Apply the product in humid conditions.

Providing natural stimulation and enhancement for healthy growth, better yields and increased quality by improving soil microbiology.

Suggested period of use

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