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IntraCell® is the purest commercial form of glycine betaine available and allows this natural stress protectant to be applied easily to plants of all types that are requiring assistance to fend off production robbing stresses.

IntraCell IntraCell
  • Features and Benefits
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Features and Benefits
  • Very safe for users and the environment;
  • Easy to mix and apply as a foliar spray, drench or through fertigation systems;
  • Recommended for use with foliar feeds or agrochemicals to improve efficacy;
  • Well proven at improving plant health via biostimulation where a number of useful natural processes are enhanced to the benefit of overall plant productivity and structural integrity (plants are then more efficient at delivering desired outputs and stronger to withstand and/or recover from various challenges);
  • Widely tested on a number of crops under commercial cultivation;
  • Has the credentials to qualify as an organic cropping input should the wish be to pursue that type of usage.
Active Ingredient Facts

IntraCell contains pure, naturally produced, high concentrations (>97%) of the small N-trimethylated amino acid known as Glycine Betaine, which is a powerful osmolyte (osmoprotectant). Once applied to plants it penetrates through the plant surface translocating and circulating systemically throughout the plant within 24 hours and remains unmetabolized, in the intracellular plant regions, to perform its useful functions for 3 to 4 weeks after application. This active substance has the following major benefits to offer:-

  • Helps plants cope with and overcome a wide range of stresses.
  • Helps plants maintain optimum growth.
  • Assists plants in defending themselves which can reduce the impact of diseases.
  • Helps reduce cellular necrosis (which can result from individual or combined stresses, nutrient shortages and/or physiological disorders).
  • Improves flower and fruit retention.
  • Helps reduce fruit cracking and weeping.
  • Improves fruit firmness post harvest.
  • Contributes significantly to post-harvest conservation improving storageability and shelf life.
  • Composition: > 97 % of glycine betaine.
  • Formulation: wettable powder.
  • Packaging: 2 kg bag.
  • Storage: 24 months maximum at ambient temperature protected from humidity in the original hermetically sealed packaging.
  • Organic Agriculture: usable in organic production subject to certifi cation body approval.
  • Application Method: apply as a foliar spray using normal agricultural spray equipment.
  • Efficacy: systemic action with absorption and translocation within 24 hours. Minimum 3 to 4 weeks persistence within the plants.
  • Safety: natural product which is safe for humans, the environment and benefi cial organisms when used as directed.
  • Harvest interval: none.
  • Harmful residues: none.

Generally calculations should be based on the following:
– for up to 500 L of water use a minimum of 2 kg/haof IntraCell®.
– for > 500L of water use 0.4% of IntraCell® w/w.

Crop Dose Stage
Top Fruit 2-4 kg/ha Mid flowering
Soft Fruit 2 kg/ha Mid flowering, early fruit formation & beginning of ripening
Fruiting Veg 2 kg/ha Early to Full flowering
Other Veg 2 kg/ha During vegetative development
Leafy Salads 2 kg/ha 6-8 leaves / after cover removal
Root Crops 2 kg/ha 8 leaves / Covering
Potatoes 2 kg/ha Beginning of tuber initiation, during tuber fi lling & 2-3 weeks before Topkill
Beans 2 kg/ha 3 Trifoliate leaves / white buds
Maize 2 kg/ha 8-12 leaves
Peas & field beans 2 kg/ha Start of flowering


IntraCell® has been used on a wide range of crops under a range of conditions and no phytotoxicity has been observed.
Before mixing with plant protection products consult the Everris Technical Team. Do not mix with herbicide products. Use of an adjuvant is recommended for optimal penetration of IntraCell® into the plant. Always add an adjuvant to the spray solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

IntraCell is based on a pure, very high concentration, natural osmoprotectant, which is produced via a patented extraction procedure. In addition to points mentioned already the product has the following major benefits to offer:-