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RISETM S contains the naturally occurring microorganism Delftia acidovorans (Strain RAY209) at a minimum of 10 to the power of 8 CFU (Colony Forming Units) per millilitre. This specifically selected soil rhizobacterium is attracted to exudates from plant roots and will rapidly travel towards growing roots colonizing the root zone once it gets there. These rhizobacteria have a number of beneficial modes of action that positively impact on plant root growth and health. Depending upon environmental and soil conditions these benefits can ultimately support higher yields and improved quality in a wide variety of crops.

Rise S Rise S

Rise S

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Featurtes And Benefits

When applied in aqueous solution in such a way that the RISE S can reach the root zone of the plants that it has been applied to the rhizobacteria within the product, which are activated by hydration and the presence of root exudates, will rapidly populate the root area resulting in a number of very beneficial outcomes being obtained from one or more of the known modes of action.

This micro-organism is a well known sulphur oxidizer and will make more soil sulphur available to plants.
The organism also stimulates root and root hair development, thereby helping the plant access more water and nutrients in limiting environmental conditions.
Furthermore the organism is an aggressive root colonizer and can successfully out-compete other less aggressive soil bacteria and fungi.


Composition: >108 CFU/ml Delftia acidovorans Strain RAY209.
• Formulation: liquid.
• Packaging: 10.4 litre bladder within a case.
• Area treated/case: 16 hectares (ha).
• Storage: 4 months maximum from date of production, at ambient temperature, protected from humidity in the original hermetically sealed packaging.
• Organic Agriculture: usable in organic production subject to certi cation body approval.
• Application Method: apply post emergent of the crop using normal agricultural spray and micro irrigation equipment.
• Crops: Oilseed Rape, Cereals, Potatoes, Root Crops, Vegetable Brassicas, Alliums, Legumes, Salad Crops.
• Safety: naturally occurring organism which is safe to humans, the environment and beneficial organisms when used as directed.
• Harvest Interval: none.
• Harmful Residues: none.


Achieving good contact between the organism and the soil is essential for the best performance of the product to be realised so applications done at earlier crop growth stages will allow better soil contact to be attained.
Water rates used should result in a drench effect being reached after application as this will best assist the organism to enter and percolate through the soil profile. Reduction of water rates is not recommended as this will have a detrimental effect on product performance.
The product should be applied in the morning and/or evening when cooler temperatures are prevalent. Do not apply RISE S in hot and dry conditions.


RISE S can be used on a wide range of crops under a range of conditions and no phytotoxicity has been observed on crops it has been applied to.
Can be mixed with nutrients, minerals and organic fertilizers.
Before mixing with plant protection products consult the Everris Technical Team.

An innovative plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) particularly focused on increasing sulphur availability to plants.

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