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CleanShield MSC


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CleanShield MSC has been independently proven effective against 99.9% of bacteria, spores, viruses and fungo including Norovirus, Ebola and MERS.

The alcohol free, ready to use, no water formulation can be mopped, sprayed or wiped onto floors, walls, surfaces and equipment providing easy and instant germ protection to any environment where the transfer of germs is a concern.

CleanShield is safe to use on water safe surfaces.

Key points

Kills more germ types

Unlike alcohol gels and surface wipes CleanShield is independently proven effective against Norovirus as well as 99.9% of other spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses including Ebola, MERS, Covid-19, Swine Flu and many others.

Alcohol free

Will not irritate the skin and is not fl ammable.


Effective surface cleaning can help save lives, time, money and labour by reducing the risk of cross infection. Since CleanShield does not need diluting, specialist cleaning equipment or PPE there is li􀂂 le or no additional costs.

Reliable, long-lasting protection

CleanShield Multi Surface Cleaner is proven effective up to 45 minutes on hands and 3 days on surfaces after its application.

CleanShield MSC is a alcohol free multi surface cleaner, designed to being broad spectrum pathogen protection and bioloogical cleanliness to large areas in an instant.

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