Pack size

10 litre, 200 litre & 500 litre IBC

Maximum individual dose

20 L/ha

Water volume

500 - 1,000 L/ha

Pack coverage


Wetting Agent Qualibra


  • Key points
  • DIrections for use
  • Product Information
Key points
  • Optimises water penetration
  • Prevents Dry patch
  • Makes better use of irrigation resources
DIrections for use
  • Apply Qualibra at approximately monthly intervals in a preventative programme to prevent the development of localised Dry spot and aid water management
  • Typically applied from early spring to autumn, but can be applied throughout the year if required

Qualibra is a premier wetting agent and water conservation agent that combines a unique and dynamic penetrant with a powerful polymer to optimise water penetration and conservation within the rootzone.