Pack size

1 litre

Maximum individual dose (spring)

1.33 L/ha

Maximum individual dose (autumn)

1 L/ha

Water volume

250 - 500 L/ha


45g/L pinoxaden, 11.25g/L cloquintocet-mexyl



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Key points
  • Controls Ryegrass but leaves Fescue, Poa annua and Browntop Bentgrasses unaffected
  • Can improve playing qualities and reduce maintenance requirements
What can you expect to see?
  1. Before application
    Ryegrass infestations on fine turf create an uneven and unsightly surface that is difficult to maintain and is unpopular with players The application of Rescue is a quick and effective route to restoring fine turf quality

  2. Two to three weeks after application
    Ryegrass and other susceptible weed grasses start to go pale yellow and begin to die back. The timings at which effects are seen will be weather dependent; in good growing conditions results are faster, but in dry or poor conditions it will take longer for Rescue to have the desired effect

  3. Three to five weeks after application
    Do the ‘Rescue Rub Test’. When the treated patches have died back, rub the patch with the palm of your hand. If the treated turf surface breaks up it has passed the Rescue Rub Test. Any temporary yellowing on Bentgrasses should be outgrown. Over-seeding can take place at any time when weather and soil conditions are conducive

  4. Five to eight weeks after application
    Target Ryegrass and other weed grasses will have died right back. Over-seeding should have taken place and, in good conditions, new seedlings will be starting to emerge. Apply appropriate Greenmaster Liquid to encourage seedling development

  5. Eight to ten weeks after application
    Ryegrass and other grass species will have been controlled. Any plants that have survived treatments will show weakened growth and susceptibility to a second Rescue application. Seedlings from over-seeding programmes should be well established.

  6. The finished result
    The removal of Ryegrasses and other unwanted coarse grasses can allow the successful re-establishment and maintenance ofa high quality, fine turf playing surface.

Rescue is a selective herbicide for the control of ryegrass on golf courses and bowling greens.

Suggested period of use

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