• oxide
  • elemental
Nitrogen Total (N) 27%
Nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 4.0%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4) 5.0%
Urea nitrogen (Ur-N) 18.0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) 5%
Water soluble (P205) 3.7%
Potassium Oxide (K20) 5%
Water soluble (K20) 5.0%
Iron (Fe) 0.50%
Nitrogen Total (N) 27%
Nitrate nitrogen (N03-N) 4.0%
Ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N) 5.0%
Urea nitrogen (Ur-N) 18.0%
Phosphorus (P) 2.2%
Water soluble 1.6%
Potassium (K) 4.1%
Water soluble 4.1%
Iron (Fe) 0.50%



8-9 Months

Granule size


Avg Recommended Rate

32.5 g/m²

Product Dispersal

10 days

Recommended Rate

40.00 - 60.00 g/m²

Turf Response

7 days

Sierrablen Sierrablen 27-5-5-Fe

Sierrablen 27-5-5-Fe


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  • Description
  • Directions for Use
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  • Only 1 application required for the entire season
  • Controlled Nitrogen release gives 8 – 9 months constant growth
  • Nitrogen released only when growing conditions are good
  • Pre-stress conditions the plant
  • Controlled NPK, Nitrogen content gives immediate response
  • Iron content enhances plant color, ccan be used in low temperatures
  • Good for base feed at low rates, compatible with other nutrients

It has enough Nitrogen content to encourage continuous growth in the plant for 8 – 9 months. The Nitrogen is only released during good growing conditions, helping to create a strong and healthy turfgrass.

Directions for Use

Apply to dry foliage. Watering-in after application helps with product dispersion and gives a faster initial effect. Avoid doing applications during frosty or drought conditions. Applications should be made after aeration programs like: hollow tining, sliting a/o scarification in order to prevent granule damage.


Contains Iron:
Do not apply in case of risk of contact with concrete, marble, stone, fabric, swimming pool, ... - If spilt on paving slabs, concrete, clothes etc. brush off immediately, as product may cause discolorations


Spreader Settings
Spreader type

Application method

Cone setting

Spreader width (m)

Application rate g/m2


Application rate g/m2


Application rate g/m2


Rotary spreader

1x pass






SR-2000 or Accupro 2000

 2x pass



 O 1/2


 R 1/2

Sierrablen 27-5-5+Fe is an efficient NPK fertilizer that requires 1 simple application per year. It contains Everris’ patented Poly-S and PACE coating technologies.

Suggested period of use

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