Pack size

10 litre

Application rate

250 - 500ml in 200 litres of water

Turf Mark Extra

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Clearly indicates treated areas as well as identifying leaks in spray quipment.
  • Water conditioner and anti-drift agent
  • Advanced formulation with ultra-low stain
  • Can be used with any type of spray equipment

Turf Mark Extra is a blue spray pattern indicator dye with water conditioner and anti-drift agent to assist turf managers with spray applications. It can be used with all standard spray equipment including walkover and knapsack sprayers. It mixes quickly and easily in the spray tank, there is no residue likely to block nozzles. Turf Mark Extra is a temporary colourant, disappearing in 1-2 days irrespective of the weather, adn will not permanently stain hands, clothing or equipment.

Turf Mark Extra is a spray pattern indicator with water conditioner and anti-drift agent.

Suggested period of use

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