37.0 % w/w alkoxylated alcohols and 41.0 % w/w alkoxylated alcohols

Pack size

5 Litre

Pack outer

4 x 5 Litre

Pack coverage

Varies depending on dilution rate

ADJ no


PCS no


 Speedway Total

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Key points
  • Adjuvant to enhance total herbicide treatments
  • Improves the speed of herbicide kill
  • Enhances the uptake of herbicide to help control of difficult weeds
  • Allows the reduction of herbicide rates to control “less difficult to control” weeds
Product description

Speedway Total is a spray adjuvant that contains a blend of surfactants and spreaders. It is designed to enhance the effect of glyphosate and other total and/ or non-selective herbicide treatments.

Speedway Total assists herbicide penetration into the leaf cuticle by dissolving the waxy leaf coating. The surfactants and spreaders also aid the treatment spreading properties, reduce the risk of wash-off and increase the herbicidal uptake. It can be used speed up the response from total herbicide treatments and also enhance the uptake and control for difficult to control weeds such as rhododendron, bracken, japanese knotweed, brush wood weeds, nettles and docks, sow thistles and others.

A blend of surfactants and spreaders that enhances total herbicidal activity and uptake.

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