Meet the family Bermejo-Martínez of Viveros Bermejo, Totana, Spain

How long have your family been running the nursery?

Our parents Juan Bermejo and Magdalena Martínez began operations in Totana, a town situated in the Region of Murcia, 28 years ago in 1989. They went into partnership with another nursery operator before deciding to take a risk in their third year and set up their own company. The initial facilities covered 8,200 m2 and have grown to 144,000 m2 today.
After graduating with a degree in biology in 2009, I joined my parents' company to take charge of the Production and Quality Department.

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Size of the nursery then and now

Our first nursery was built in 1992. It initially covered an area of 8,200 m2, 2,000 of which were greenhouse and 700 outdoors. Over the next eight years, we gradually expanded to reach 7,000 m2 of greenhouse and 14,000 m2 outdoors. In 2002, we decided to re-locate due to lack of space, moving to a new site measuring 130,000 m2, consisting of 5,000 m2 with netting, 17,000 m2 of greenhouse and 38,000 m2 outdoors.

Specialty and primary cultivation

We grow an extensive range of species to ensure that we can offer a wide variety throughout the year with seasonal plants and aromatic plants in sizes 10.5, 13, 15, 17, and 22.

Company focus and mission

Our priority is to offer our customers quality, service, and a wide variety of products.

  • Quality: we are very stringent when purchasing raw materials for production. 
  • Service: we attend to customers based on their needs, taking personalized care of each order. We offer a logistics network which conveys trust since we deliver to every customer within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Reliable: we take a professional approach to our work and we are transparent in our operations, informing customers of the state of products at all times.

Which has been the main change to your operations since the nursery was established?

Since the very beginning, the main challenge for us has always been to keep growing and expanding our markets, both on a national and international level, and to try to offer the greatest variety possible without ever reducing quality for our products. Meeting basic requirements for quality, variety, or service have laid the foundations for the success of the business.

How have your customers changed over the last 50 years?

We have always focused on the same type of customer, which in our case are garden centers. We also have an increasingly more consolidated customer base thanks to the trust they place in us. It is true that their purchasing habits have changed over the years. Customers now buy products in smaller batches, which requires a more frequent, rapid, efficient service.

How long have you used Osmocote on a regular basis?

We have been using Osmocote since we started working in our own nursery in 1992.

What is your experience with Osmocote like? How does it help you to achieve your objectives?

Our experience has been very positive. We use Osmocote for all our produce, from the smallest items to the largest, while taking into account that we have an advanced fertigation system which allows us to fertilize each time we irrigate. Osmocote helps us to give our plants the right amount of nutrients. While this means that our plants stay healthy, and even improve, it also ensures that the final product in the end customer’s home is of the highest quality.

How do you see the future for your nursery?

We are very confident about the future. We are eager to continue our parents' exemplary track record by expanding our facilities, extending the variety of products, and developing markets.



We would like to thank the Bermejo-Martínez family for their contribution to 50 Years of Osmocote! 

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