Meet the family Morgue of Nursery Patrick Morgue, Drôme, France

How long has the nursery been in your family? 

Patrick Morgue's grandparents worked in nurseries. His father also produced chrysanthemums and gladioli. In 1977, he created the business on one hectare of land and built his first greenhouse, covering 500 m2 to produce bedding plants and other flowering plants.
The business is currently run by Patrick Morgue and his daughter Chloé.

Size of the nursery then and now

Initially: 500 m2 in 1977, with sales to agricultural shops in the region
In 2000, we joined the producers' group Vivaplante Sud-Est so that we could market our production to garden centers and self-service agricultural supply stores.
Now: the business consists of 18,000 m2 of greenhouses.

Specialty/primary cultivation

Flowering spring plants (bedding plants and flowering plants in pots)
Cyclamens and Chrysanthemums

What do you see as the biggest change in the business operations since the establishment of your nursery?

The change came in 2000 when we joined the producers' group Vivaplante.

How have your clients changed over the past years?

We are now producing fewer bedding plants in containers. Our clients' demands are evolving and consumers are more impulsive in their purchases. We now offer a more diverse range of plants, with plants being sold when they are in flower and in colored containers. The plants have to be more attractive.

How long have you been using Osmocote?

About 25 years. 

What is your experience with Osmocote? How does Osmocote help you achieve your objectives?

We use Osmocote to guarantee uniformity in our production. It is reassuring and brings us peace of mind in our work. We apply the recommended dosages of Osmocote fertilizer and the appropriate longevity to guarantee fertilization at our clients' points of sale but also once the end-consumer has taken the plant home.

How do you see the future of your nursery?

My daughter Chloé will become the director. It is essential for us to offer outstanding quality and adapt to our clients' evolving demands. We must continue to innovate and diversify our range.

We would like to thank the Morgue family for their contribution to 50 Years of Osmocote!

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