Markets & Core Brands

ICL Specialty Fertilizers provides products and services to two main markets in India. The first market includes all growers of nursery stock and perennials in open fields and in pots and containers. The second encompasses all forms of specialty agriculture ranging from fruit to vegetables and arable crops, to crops grown in tropical areas.

Ornamental Horticulture

Nursery stock, perennials, pot & bedding plants

ICL Specialty Fertilizers has a range of leading brands for growers in this category. They include the world’s top controlled release and water soluble fertilizer brands Osmocote, Peters and Universol.

The Osmocote brand was introduced over fifty years ago and heralded the dawn of controlled release technology in plant nutrition. Osmocote continues to lead the way and provides fertile ground for developing the next generations of innovations in plant nutrition.

All the brands in this category give growers advanced fertilizers for optimum results and maximum return on investment.

Specialty Agriculture

Fruit, vegetables & arable crops

The brands in this category represent the top of the line in specialty fertilizers with a portfolio of Controlled Release (CRF), Water Soluble fertigation and foliar products.

The main brands are Agroblen, Novacid and Agroleaf Power.