Agrolution Special – Updates for better plant nutrition

22 May 2017
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Agrolution Special – Updates for better plant nutrition

Micronutrients are essential for plant growth as well as macro- and meso-nutrients. A lack of any of the micronutrients in the soil can negatively affect the plant growth and its yield - even the level of all the others nutrients is optimum. Micronutrients play an important role in balanced crop nutrition.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers understands well the plant needs and we are always looking to improve our portfolio accordingly. Therefore, we managed to improve our Agrolution Special range, without modifying the well-known NPK formulations, maintaining the same affordable price for end users.
Let’s see how we did that!

Agrolution Special range of water soluble fertilizers have been developed with a double objective: the availability of all nutrients in the correct proportions and the convenience of solving water quality problems with one product.
Besides nutrient purity and high solubility characteristics, the new product line consist of improved DTPA chelated form of iron (Fe), increased level of manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) by 33% and 300% respectively. Now you will easily remember what are the levels of these nutrients by following this: Zn is 50% of Mn level and Mn is 50% of the Fe level. Easy, isn’t it? Thus our new product range is matching the micronutrients needs for most crops.

What do you have to expect from the NEW Agrolution Special?

  • Better nutrient availability in wider range of soil pH, due to DTPA chelated formulation
  • Increased photosynthesis and better plant growth in early stages
  • Entire plant metabolism will be improved due to increased level of manganese and especially zinc.

Success and fruitful crops in the new season!

Cristian Filote
International Technical Manager Specialty Fertilizers
ICL Specialty Fertilizers