ICL Specialty Fertilizers introduces its crop precision feeding technologies at Fruit Attraction

12 October 2016
  • Whastsapp

ICL Specialty Fertilizers was at Fruit Attraction 016 presenting the latest fertilizer technologies offered to the industry’s professionals for precise and more efficient nutrition. Moreover, this international event was also an opportunity to introduce three important tools for distributors and clients in Spain: a new website (www.icl-sf.es), the new product catalogue and a corporate video.

Professional visitors of the key fruit and vegetables sector at this year’s edition of Fruit Attraction were able to verify that, as far as crop nutrition is concerned, the most advanced technology worldwide is provided by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, with its broad range of controlled release fertilizers (CRF), and Liquid and Soluble Fertilizers. The company’s stand focused on explaining innovative nutrient release technologies offered by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, including E-Max, Resin and Poly-S, and also on the presentation of the new packaging design of the Nova range of soluble fertilizers, available on the market in 2017.

All of this technology is explained in the new catalogue and the website developed specifically for the national market, where details on the wide range of nutrition with Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) can be found, including Agromaster, Agromaster Start Mini or Agroblen, the spectrum of Nutri Liquid fertilizers with custom formulas depending on needs, and the Agroleaf Liquid and Agrolution Liquid brands, among other products.

Being at an international fair as Fruit Attraction, ICL Specialty Fertilizers wanted to flex its muscles as a company in Spain, presenting a magnificent corporate video that has been shown on a large screen in the centre of the stand, providing a perfect explanation of the Research and Development efforts required to offer such advanced, efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies, as well as all the logistics and commercial work carried out on a national level.

This video is available on the new Spanish website, also presented at the fair using iPads connected to the Internet, including contents of interest for the three market segments: agriculture, horticulture and amenities. On the website, there is specific technical content by crop and detailed information on products, with safety data sheets and downloadable catalogues. The website is very dynamic and is constantly updated to reflect the daily events at ICL Specialty Fertilizers Iberia. 

For more information, please go to: www.icl-sf.es