Our Commitment

ICL Specialty Fertilizers is committed to excellence in quality assurance, research & development, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These areas are interrelated because they all entail providing the very best for people and the planet. Our dedication to quality assurance extends across the entire process from the supply of raw materials to delivery.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ research & development facilities are among the world’s best. The research teams continually develop groundbreaking technologies that improve the environmental profile of our plant nutrition and maintenance products and services.

Our experts work with customers to develop best fertilization practices to enable them to use our products in an optimum and environmentally friendly way. This reflects our pledge to sound environmental stewardship, which is why we have implemented the Environmental Management System and gained ISO 14001 certification.

We also never stop in our efforts to improve our environmental, health and safety performance. This has resulted in us being awarded an RHP certificate – the leading quality hallmark in horticulture. This means our products meet the highest standards for safety, cleanliness and quality. We work in partnership every day with our customers to fulfil our commitment and help create a better and greener world.