This crop is quite cold resistant, making it well adapted to cool season production. As with most cole crops, a cold period is necessary for flowering. The minimum and maximum growing temperatures for cauliflower are 0 and 30 °C, with the optimum growing temperature for this crop between 15 and 22 °C. Cauliflower is grown on many different types of soil, but does best in a rich, well-drained soil with a high moisture-holding capacity. High humus content in the soil will provide better aeration and water penetration. Cauliflower grows best on a neutral or slightly acid soil (pH 6,0 to 6,5). Special attention must be paid to sufficient application of Boron, since a deficiency in this element will result in a hollow stem.

Select Calcium


Select Calcium 15.5-0-0+27CaO is the Calcium Nitrate in the ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ range. The product is the most indispensable fertilizer being applied continuously throughout the entire crop’s cycle in hydroponics. Select Calcium will help to maintain an optimum level of Calcium in the plant and will prevent or correct any deficiencies.

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Select MAP


Select MAP 12-61-0, monoammonium phosphate is ideal for use in the initial growth phase of all crops, immediately before and after seeding and planting/transplanting.

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Nutrivant Starter

Nutrivant Starter is a fully soluble formulation that contain macro- and micro-nutrients that cover the crop’s need. Its specially designed formula is ideal for foliar nutrition of vegetables and fruit trees during the vegetative stage. The micronutrients are in chelated form, which makes the product stable at different water quality levels.  

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The new 4-in-1 fertilizer for better crop yield

Polysulphate is a natural mineral from underneath the North Sea that contains four minerals: Sulphur, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. It is a single complex crystal, totally natural and is ready to be used straight from our own mines on your field.

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