FertiFlow 13-40-13

  • Advantages
  • Directions for use


Features Advantage Benefits
Balanced NK fertilizer with P Readily available P to plants

Meets demond of P at crop establishment stage

Also provides P in soils that fix Phosphorus

High P content Readily available P to plants

Better Root Development

Better Stem Strength

Uniform maturity

Higher yield and Quality

Virtually free from sodium and


No adverse effect on plants

No adverse effect on soil

Better Soil Health

Better Root Health

Free of Heavy Metals

No residues

No harmful elements (Pb++

and Cd++)

Safe for environment

Safe for crops

Does not contain UREA

Total nitrogen is in nitrate form

N readily available to crop

Recommended for - Fruits, Vegetables, Commcercial Crops etc.

Directions for use

FertiFlow 13-40-13 is especially recommended in early stages for better root development and later on boosting flowering. Apply 4-5 kg/1000m2 per week. Contact ICL or your professional advisor for specific advice or recommendations.

FertiFlow 13-40-13 is a balanced NK fertilizer with P that is ideal for soil-based, open field fertilizer applications. It is ideal to use for crop starter stages and increasing root development. The Fertiflow line is the new great value line of products for drip irrigation; great value for money !