• Advantages
  • Directions for use
  • Recommended rates

Thanks to its FertiVant technology:

  • Enhances the permeability of the cuticle to active substances
  • Ensures even spreading of the drops of spray on the surface.
  • Firmly attaches the active ingredients to the leaf surface, and delays evaporation.
  • Improves penetration of nutritional macro and meso-elements as well as trace elements
  • The accelerated nutrient penetration persists for as long as 4 weeks
Directions for use
  • For vegetables, apply 2 weeks after transplant or when the crop has 5-6 true leafs. Depending on crop, several re-application might be necessary. For fruit trees, apply at pre-bloom stage to improve fruit set.
  • Avoid spraying in periods of unfavorable conditions (e.g. bright sunlight, high midday temperatures, high evaporation periods).
  • Can be mixed with many fungicides/insecticides. For all mixes with chemicals the best is to do a small trial before use on a large scale.
Recommended rates

Dissolve 3-5 kg Nutrivant Starter in a volume of 300-500 liter water per hectare for vegetable applications. For fruit orchards apply 5-10 kg/Ha in a volume of 1000 liter water per hectare.

Nutrivant Starter is a fully soluble formulation that contain macro- and micro-nutrients that cover the crop’s need. Its specially designed formula is ideal for foliar nutrition of vegetables and fruit trees during the vegetative stage. The micronutrients are in chelated form, which makes the product stable at different water quality levels.