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Many factors influence yield and quality and the nutrition used is one of them. While the nutritional input is actually only a small percentage of the total cost of production, it has a major effect. Just consider: minerals and nutrients use only 4% of the total weight of the plant, but they contribute hugely to the plant’s growth. So using the right nutrients is crucial for managing the yield and quality of your crop.
No matter what application technique you use (foliar, drip or soil-applied), we offer nutritional solutions that fit your production system.

Our products and advisors help you get the best yield and the best return on investment.

Good yields, reliable fertilizers and worry-free management are essential for every farmer. We guarantee you the quality of its products from the manufacturing process to your farmland by taking stringent control and test measures. With us you can be sure your nutrition program matches the rules and regulations of government and retail. Read how we ensure the highest quality for you.

Agrolution Special 324

アグロリューション・スペシャル 324


アグロリューション・スペシャル 324は、素晴らしい酸性化能力を持つ水溶性配合肥料です。全ての微量要素を兼ね備え、作物に必要な養分を供給するだけではなく、軟水の問題を解決できるよう設計されています。

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