How to take a plant tissue sample

  1. For the most useful results, sample the same cultivar or variety every 2–4 weeks. Always run media analysis in conjunction with tissue analysis.
  2. For routine tissue tests, select most recently matured leaves. For diagnostic tests, send both affected and unaffected leaves of the same age for comparitive sampling.
  3. Handle samples carefully to prevent damage to tissue.
  4. Foliar sprays and growing media should be washed from leaves before taking sample.
  5. Send at least 1 ounce fresh weight of clean, dry tissue per sample in a Everris™ sample bag or clean paper wrapper. NOTE: Do not use plastic, as tissue will become moldy and useless.
  6. Seal the bags securely and clearly label each one with a permanent marker. Use a unique Sample ID code for each bottle. Example: #14 GER 047A, BAD MUMS, POIN0001
  7. Complete the sample questionnaire using your “Sample ID code”. Retain a copy for your records.
  8. Send the sample(s) and the questionnaire(s) to The ICL Specialty Fertilizers Testing Lab within 24 hours via overnight or two–day delivery.