Cultivo cultivos tropicales

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With relatively high rainfall and often sandy soils, controlled release fertilizers are an intelligent tool in tropical crops fertilizer plans. Next to CRF, ICL Specialty Fertilizers offers a wide range of fertigation and foliar fertilizers which can be used.


Avocado requires high levels of potassium and manganese. The crop is sensitive to sodium and chloride. Chloride toxicity strongly decreases growth and filling of fruits and causes necrosis of leaf margins. Sodium toxicity causes leave chlorosis and necrosis.

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Bananas have a very high requirement of water (150mm/month), nitrogen and potassium. Ideal soil pH is between 5.5–7.5. Its optimal mean temperature is between 25 and 28 °C.

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The mango tree can be cultivated in a wide variety of soil types, however it is recommendable to grow it on well-drained, deep (≥2 meters), sandy-clay soils. Ideally, soils should be rich in organic material, with pH of 6–6.5.

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This tropical plant grows best and produces better quality fruit at 22–32ºC. Pineapples prefer light soils, with good drainage and acidic pH at 4.5–6. Pineapples need high levels of potassium. Pineapples are sensitive to chloride, therefore potassium chloride (MOP) should be excluded from the nutrition program.

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Sugar cane

Sugar cane is a perennial grass, which normally grows with 3–5 ratoons, before returning to crop cycle. Optimal soil is medium to heavy, pH 5-8.5 where liming is required if pH<5.

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Tobacco fertilization plays a key role in determining leaf quality parameters, such as leaf color, texture, hygroscopicity, combustibility (leaf-burning capacity), sugars and alkaloid contents. Tobacco needs significant amounts of potassium.

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