• óxido
Nitrógeno Total (N) 0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) 0%
Potassium Oxide (K20) 0%
Hierro (Fe) 17,00%
Soluble en agua 17,00%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,00%
Quelatado por DTPA 0,00%
Quelatado por EDDHA 0,00%
Manganeso (Mn) 2,50%
Soluble en agua 2,50%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,00%
Boro (B) 0,10%
Soluble en agua 0,00%
Cobre (Cu) 1,000%
Soluble en agua 1,000%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,000%
Molibdeno (Mo) 0,050%
Soluble en agua 0,000%
Zinc (Zn) 1,000%
Soluble en agua 1,000%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,000%



  • Advantages
  • Directions for Use
  • Suggested Application Rates

This leading homogenous granular micronutrient fertilizer maximizes sulfated elements for optimum plant utilization and prevents micronutrient segregation. This is a great product for general nursery and greenhouse production when additional micronutrients are desired or required.

Directions for Use

Always be aware of media pH and the total amount of the minor nutrients provided to the plant. Keep from direct contact to the stem or leaves of young plants.  Micromax works best if watered either before planting or soon after planting.  Focus on dispersing the Micromax into the media where it will slowly become available to the plants.

Suggested Application Rates

The following application rates are intended for general container nursery stock growing conditions.  Product and rate selection should always be based on individual grower practices and environmental conditions.  Some factors that influence selection include:

  • Climate
  • Specific Crop
  • Type of Growing Media
  • Other Nutrient Sources
  • Irrigation Type
  • Rainfall Amount


Incorporation Rates for Container Nursery Stock

  Low High
Lb. per cubic yard 1.0 2.0
Kg. per cubic meter 0.6 1.2
Grams per liter 0.6 1.2


Landscape Rates*

  Low High
Lb. per 1000 sq. ft. 1.0 2.0

*Use low rate on heavy or clay soils, high rate on light or sandy soils depending on soil test. 

For surface application rates on various container sizes, please refer to the Product Information Sheet.  Contact your local ICL-SF Territory Manager for more information and/or detailed advice. 

As circumstances can differ and as the application of our products is beyond our control, ICL Specialty Fertilizers cannot be made responsible for any negative results.

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Micromax® is a unique granular formulation designed to increase the efficiency of the major nutrient program and to maximize plant growth by boosting micronutrient levels in the root zone. The homogeneous nature of the product ensures each granule contains all the secondary and micronutrient elements listed on the label for maximum consistency when mixed properly.