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Nitrógeno Total (N) 18%
Nitrógeno nítrico (N-NO3) 5,1%
Nitrógeno amoniacal (N-NH4) 6,1%
Nitrógeno ureico (N-Ur) 6,8%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P205) 5%
Potassium Oxide (K20) 8%
Hierro (Fe) 3,01%
Soluble en agua 2,86%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,00%
Quelatado por DTPA 0,00%
Quelatado por EDDHA 0,00%
Manganeso (Mn) 0,36%
Soluble en agua 0,34%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,00%
Boro (B) 0,02%
Soluble en agua 0,00%
Cobre (Cu) 0,130%
Soluble en agua 0,130%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,000%
Molibdeno (Mo) 0,015%
Soluble en agua 0,000%
Zinc (Zn) 0,140%
Soluble en agua 0,130%
Quelatado por EDTA 0,000%



8-9 meses

Product Code


Osmocote Blend 18-5-8 8-9M

18-5-8 8-9M


  • Advantages
  • Suggested application rates
  • Directions for use
  • Higher Nitrogen reduces rates and the fertilizer cost per container.
  • Safe & predictable nutrient release.
  • Magnesium is part of the chlorophyll molecule and Mg promotes greener foliar and better growth. Helps recharge the media when calcium bicarbonates cause leaching.
  • Sulfur (S) is often lacking in growing system. Low S can lead to stunted, yellow plants. Sulfur also helps to buffer increasing media pH levels.
  • Helps prevent plant stretch, reduces leaching while meeting plant needs.
  • Helps maintain green foliage on iron inefficient plants. Excellent for areas with highly alkaline irrigation water. Contains a starter charge plus two coated forms of iron to provide 3 separate presentations of Iron to the plants.
  • Soluble micronutrients ensure plants get off to a good start after application; controlled release micronutrients provide a sustained micronutrient supply throughout the growing cycle.
Suggested application rates
Lb. per Cubic yard 3.0 7.0 10.0
Kg. per Cubic meter 1.8 4.2 5.9
Grams per liter 1.8 4.2 5.9
Directions for use

■ Verify your product analysis, longevity and rate for your plants in your production system. For further guidance contact your local ICL-SF Territory Manager or call ICL-SF Customer Service @ 800-492-8255.

■ Rate tables are printed on bag labels and can be found on product information sheets as well as on www.icl-sf.com.

■ For incorporation, blend into growing media to ensure uniform distribution of fertilizer prills. Do not over-mix to avoid damaging fertilizer coating.  Growing media should be used within two to four weeks after incorporating fertilizer.

■ For top-dress applications, refer to suggested rate tables on bag labels and product sheets. Uniformly spread fertilizer on container surface; avoid piling fertilizer dose directly against plant stem.

■ Irrigate after application. Irrigation frequency and volume should be adjusted during the crop production cycle according to crop type, environmental conditions and desired soluble salt levels.

■ A product trial is recommended before adopting a new fertilizer program or making full-scale changes to standard cultural practices. Test several rates on representative plant types.

■ Use caution when applying to plants being over-wintered under cover. If you cannot monitor soluble salts and/or adjust irrigation practices, avoid Fall and Winter application.

■ Product storage: Store in a clean, cool, dry place.  Re-seal opened bags by folding top down and securing.

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Higher Nitrogen reduces rates and the fertilizer cost per container. Safe & predictable nutrient release.