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Surfactants H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery Liquid

Surfactants H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery Liquid

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for use
  • Optimize moisture penetration and distribution in the root zone of container crops
  • Flexible: effects are rate related which allows the user to match crop cycle length and wetting agent longevity
  • Retains performance even after many wet-dry cycles or if media is stored for months prior to use
  • Powerful tool to reduce losses due to dry down in the post-production, retail or home environments
  • Reduces or eliminates dry spots and perched water tables in the pot
  • Uniform moisture distribution creates better root environment and allows for a more even distribution of solutions applied to the pot

H2Pro™ Greenhouse & Nursery surfactant optimizes soilless media water-holding capacity, decreases irrigation frequency, reduces or eliminates dry spots, and helps prevent wilting both in production and post-production.


H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery comes in both liquid and granular formulations allowing the user to choose the one that best fits their operation.

H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery is composed of short, medium and long chain surfactant molecules. As the medium and long chains break down, they reattach to the soil and continue working just like the short chain molecules.

It can be applied during soil blending, or any time during production, right up through shipping. At high rates, H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery’s rewetting ability can continue for as long as a year — long enough for the entire production cycle — and right through the retail environment for many crops.


Directions for use

Designed for use when mixing potting soil or any time during production. High efficiency liquid delivers the benefits of H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery at the lowest cost in use. Can be applied alone or mixed in stock tank with other products — such as fertilizer — and applied through the irrigation system. Use through a mist system to keep cuttings hydrated.

 Production Cycles  Growing Media Condition Incorporation Rate  Drench Concentration2 (ppm)
 Long-term  Severely water-repellent  5.5 fl oz in 2 gal of water/yd3 growing media  1,500 (16 fl oz/100 gal water)
 Medium-term  Moderately water-repellent   3.5 fl oz in 2 gal of water/yd3 growing media  1,000 (10.5 fl oz/100 gal water)
Short-term Slightly water-repellent  2 fl oz in 2 gal of water/yd3 growing media 500 (5.5 fl oz/100 gal water)

1Under dry condition, increasing the water volume aids movement into media during incorporation.

2Drench thoroughly until solutioncomes out drain holes.


 Application Concentration (ppm)  oz/100 gal      How to use 
With Irrigation 5 0.1   Daily feeding to use
Misting Cuttings 150 1.6  Spray freshly stuck cottings with a very fine mist to the point of runoff
Interior Plantscapes 500 - 1,000 5.5 - 1.05  Drench containers, hanging baskets and planters
Prior to Shipment 500 - 1,000 5.5 - 10.5  Drench containers, hanging baskets and platers prior to shipment

Note: There may be variations in longevity under variable growing conditions. It is advised to test a small number of plants before large scale application. Water moves the H2Pro Greenhouse and Nursery into the growing media. For best results, thoroughly wet the growing media at the time of application.

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A unique blend of surfactants with long residual activity for use in containers, pots, hanging baskets, flats, trays, modules and plugs.