Dorus' spring cultivation tips for horticulture

13 April 2018
  • Whastsapp

Winter has ended in Europe and the busy spring season is upon us. With these tips you will be able to reduce plant stress and get your newly potted plants off to a good start.

Transplanting: reduce plant stress
After a period of cold, temperatures are rising, which can be stressful for many crops. Roots have to develop quickly now and leaves have already started to evaporate fast. You can reduce plant stress by applying an anti-evaporation product just before you move the plants outside onto the pot field or before you plant them in the field.

Protect your new production
It is likely that your first priorities as a grower at the moment are plant deliveries and potting the new production. Keep in mind that with the rising average temperatures, many insects/mites will be active very soon. At the moment, crops (and temperatures) are not yet sufficient for these predators’ full development. A first (chemical) correction can help to ensure a clean start. This will guard mainly against caterpillars, aphids and spider mites. The first actions make the biggest difference!

Have a successful growing season!

Dorus Rijkers
International Technical Manager - Horticulture