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31 October 2018
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Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. Partners with ICL Specialty Fertilizers to Market and Sell Recycled Phosphate to European Union Turf & Professional Landscape Markets

VANCOUVER, CANADA and AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS  – October 10, 2018 – Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. (“Ostara”) announced today a long-term strategic partnership agreement with ICL Specialty Fertilizers (“ICL”) to market and sell Ostara’s Crystal Green® phosphate fertilizer into the European Union, providing turf and professional lawncare professionals an enhanced efficiency phosphorus nutrition solution that is high-performing, sustainable and environmentally-responsible.

Crystal Green is sustainably produced by Ostara and is the first continuous-release fertilizer to provide Root Activated™ phosphorus.  Crystal Green’s unique mode-of-action releases phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium, only in response to organic acids produced by growing roots. This unique characteristic ensures that phosphorus is consistently provided to the plant and is available for uptake when required for plant growth, which thereby reduces the environmental impact caused by excessive leaching and run-off of nutrients into adjacent waterways.

“It is more important than ever before to grow more and better with less and we at ICL Specialty Fertilizers are dedicated to bringing new products to our global network that support this philosophy.  Our partnership with Ostara provides a great opportunity to support the development of the circular economy and spotlight the significant advantages to the end-users and the larger environmental benefits of using a recycled phosphorous product” said Robert van Spingelen, Global Category & International Marketing Manager for Turf & Landscape, ICL Specialty Fertilizers.

“ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a market leader in plant nutrition and Ostara is forging the path in resource recovery and reuse.  Together we are excited to offer the market a product that exemplifies the circular economy concept while also improving plant health.  We have a strong plant science, environmental and sustainability advantage, and ICL is a natural partner to help us reach new markets in the EU,” said Molly Biedenfeld, Vice President, Nutrient Market Development and Sales for Ostara. 

Said Dan Parmar, President & CEO of Ostara, “We are very excited to partner with ICL Specialty Fertilizers and provide Ostara’s leadership in sustainably-produced phosphorous crop nutrition technology to their network of advanced dealers. Our relationship will provide turf and professional lawncare experts with an option to implement a high-performing phosphorus nutrient management program and we are very pleased that our option, Crystal Green, offers the added benefit of providing an environmental solution that helps protect our precious natural resources”.


About Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. & Crystal Green:

Ostara helps protect precious water resources by changing the way cities and industries manage nutrients in wastewater streams. The company’s Pearl® technology recovers phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater streams and transforms these nutrients into Crystal Green®, a high-value, eco-friendly fertilizer. Crystal Green is the first continuous-release, granular fertilizer to provide Root-Activated™ phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium (5-28-0 with 10%Mg) and is marketed through a global network to the turf, professional lawncare and agriculture sectors. Its unique Root-Activated™ mode of action improves crop yields, enhances turf performance and significantly reduces phosphorus tie-up, leaching, and run-off, thus protecting local waterways from nutrient pollution. Ostara currently has fifteen of its facilities operating throughout North America and Europe and four additional facilities are currently contracted for international locations. For more information, visit and

About ICL Specialty Fertilizers:

ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a global leader in plant nutrition. Everything they do is focused on one aim: making plants, crops and grass grow better. They leverage state-of-the-art precision nutrition and technologies to ensure maximum growth. The ICL commitment to a greener world spans the globe. They serve all the world’s green markets through their ornamental horticulture, specialty agriculture and turf & amenity divisions. Every day and around the world, ICL Specialty Fertilizer experts in the field work with end users to optimise plant nutrition and provide advice, know-how and expertise on location. This combination of world-class technology and a down-to-earth personal touch are the seeds of ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ success. For more information, visit
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