Trial plants first, pesto later

20 June 2019
  • Whastsapp

What to do with 1,000 beautiful, fragrant basil plants? Cook with them, of course! We donated our trial plants to the students of ROC Mondriaan school and Horeca Academy’s cooking and chef courses in The Hague yesterday.

The basil plants were the result of one of our trials at the facilities of World Horti Center (Naaldwijk, NL). With the emergence of new growing media, fertilizer technologies need to prove their worth in in peat-free and peat-reduced substrates as well.

So, testing our new technologies in different substrates is a focus point in trials. The first trial to be completed in 2019 was this one: the fast-growing basilicum crop in the trial showed the effects we were looking for, and the plants were ready to move on!

After recovering from the initial shock of the size of the basil, the teachers and students said they look forward to using them in their menu.