Avg Recommended Rate

40 ltr/ha


1 Month

Product Dispersal


Recommended Rate

40.00 - 40.00 ltr/ha

Turf Response

< 1 day

H2Pro Maximize


  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Directions for Use
  • Reduces irrigation requirements
  • Pushes water down through soil; promotes deeper rooting
  • Effective through the root zone, not just the surface
  • Great spreading and penetration qualities
  • Flexible application programs and watering rates

H2Pro Maximize removes excess soil surface water, induces deeper rooting, and reduces salt levels in the root zone. The main components in H2Pro Maximize are wetting agents, but it also contains the same spreader and long term wetting agent technologies as H2Pro Maxmize which enhances performance.

Directions for Use

Optimum performance is achieved when combining it into a fertilizer program. Apply H2Pro Maximize when surface water and puddles are an issue, especially during winter months. Continue applications through the winter at 8 week intervals.

Application can be made with a standard boom sprayer. A powered irrigation injection unit or calibrated professional hose diluter may also be used to apply H2Pro Maxmize. It can be used curatively to relieve plant stress from hydrophobic soil conditions at anytime of the year.

Watering-in after application will assist penetration of wetting agents into the soil and improve efficacy. Penetration of the wetting agent can be enhanced if applied after aeration programs like: hollow tining, slitting a/o scarification.

H2Pro Maximize is a powerful, penetrating wetting agent. It is perfect for removing surface water, salt flushing and encouraging deeper rooting. It is ideal for use on golf fairways and outfields.

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