Avg Sowing Rate

30 g/m²

Mowing Height

20 - 30 mm

Over Seeding Rate

25 g/m²

ProSelect Regenerator Plus

Regenerator Plus

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Grass seed coating gives rapid germination
  • High recovery abilities
  • Outstanding purity and germination

ProSelect Regenerator Plus consists of fine-leaved Perennial ryegrasses and a Kentucky Bluegrass hybrid with ICL SmartStart seed coating. The coating ensures that the Bluegrass germinates and roots rapidly, meaning that the sward has the right proportion of Bluegrass from the start. ICL uses a hybrid Bluegrass in this mixture because of its drought resistance and its aggressive rhizomes, which create a very dense, well-rooted sward.


ProSelect Regenerator Plus is a mixture for sports fields which is highly suitable for both new seeding and overseeding.

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