Avg Sowing Rate

32.5 g/m²

Mowing Height

25 - 30 mm

ProSelect Rhizome Max

Rhizome Max

  • Advantages
  • Description
  • For intensively used sports areas
  • Smart Start coating for improved germination
  • High wear resistance
  • Winter and summer resilience

Rhizome Max consists of two fine-leaved perennial ryegrasses and two Kentucky bluegrass varieties, of which one is a hybrid type called Thermal Blue. This variety is seed coated with SmartStart, for rapid germination and establishment which enables the Kentucky blue grass to develop at the same rate as the perennial ryegrass to form a balanced sward.

Thermal Blue is characterised by a very rapid germination (under favorable conditions, 8-10 days) and a very aggressive shoot formation. Also, the variety excels in drought tolerance.

Rhizome Max is a seed blend which has excellent root binding qualities from the aggressive rhizomatous growth of the Kentucky bluegrass varieties used. This makes Rhizome Max suitable for sports fields that have to deal with intensive winter and summer use.


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